How it works

The first initial session takes 1 1/2 hours and costs £70. All sessions after that are 1 hour and occur at intervals determined by the individual’s needs and specific issues. Included in the therapy programme is a weekly phone call or email to assist and monitor progress if decided appropriate by Hannah and the client together. A therapy session with Hannah Makin is primarily conducted face to face, using phone and email contact only as the supporting structure around each session’s foundation.

Issues Tackled are:

Along side providing sessions for all these common areas of difficulty for women, Hannah also provides an on-call service for clients receiving hypnotherapy for their forthcoming birth / labour experience and some ladies request that Hannah is present at the delivery stage in order to talk through and provide hypnotherapy during the labour for the client as an addition or instead of other forms of pain relief.

Please ask for more details, costs and the availability of the “on-call service”.