Testimonials - These testimonials are pertinent to my skills as a psychologist and hynotherapist in Hampshire and surrounds, particularly Petersfield, Winchester, Southampton, Alresford and Eastleigh. I also specialise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

My sister, Emma, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and received particularly unsupportive, dismissive and negative care from her consultant.

Emma had never had never had any sort of therapy in her life, even after being diagnosed with cancer 5 years earlier.  She had such a fear of opening up to someone, of going over childhood memories, marital issues and her own daughter’s autism and then her own terminal diagnosis.     However as soon as she met Hannah she was able to talk about all these issues. Emma told me that she had never met anyone like Hannah before and she was incredibly grateful that she was in her life when she needed her most.

Hannah worked with Emma to help her cope with her terminal diagnosis, clear past concerns and worries, she gave her support at any time, day or night, she gave her coping mechanisms, helped her with her sleeping problems and to relax, helped her approach helping her children and to work through her marriage difficulties.  Hannah was always confidential and most importantly she listened to Emma.

During this time Hannah also helped me in the lead up to Emma’s passing with counselling and hypnotherapy.  I had a huge fear about what was to come and what to expect.  Hannah’s experience helped me learn what to expect from the stages of death so that I could prepare myself.  She gave me advice on how to help Emma, how to support our mother and my own four children. She also gave me advice that helped me handle the relationship between my mother and sister at this difficult time.

Hannah was the only person, other than myself, that Emma wanted to see during her last 10 days at the hospice.  It was easy for me and for the hospice staff to have Hannah coming into the hospice to see Emma as she fitted in well and was a subtle presence.

On the day Emma’s died Hannah accompanied my husband to the hospice to collect me and she helped him prepare to cope with my bereavement process.

After Emma passed away I fell apart and had huge anxiety about being able to read the Eulogy at her funeral.  Hannah gave me a session of hypnotherapy which was unbelievably helpful.  She gave me coping strategies and I managed to read to 250 people without crying.  This was amazing considering I couldn’t even speak without crying before the hypnotherapy session.

One last point to make is that Hannah knows when to step away without leaving you with that feeling of being deserted.  She empowers you to approach daunting scenarios in your life at the right time.

"Suffering from depression, previous encounters with counselling had ended in scepticism and my trip to the G.P. was humiliating bordering on the offensive. I wasn’t offered a long term solution by either and for me anti -depressants were not an option. I wanted to know that when I was feeling better, it was really me and not a prop that I would come to depend on. Then realisation struck one day, and at my lowest point, I knew I needed professional help. I couldn’t do it alone.  As a result of my breakdown I was no longer working, so money was a huge consideration. However I felt I couldn’t afford not to. But where do I go?

Hannah was recommended to me, I swallowed my pride, took a leap of faith and I went from there.

My experience has been life changing and I can only thank Hannah for this. With the tools required and the guidance to use them, I have been able to transform my life and move forward with no fear. It sounds a cliché but true. It was hard to begin with but changing 45 years of behaviour wasn’t going to happen overnight. What I wasn’t prepared for was my own mental resistance to wanting to get better but this is just a part of the process. However when the penny dropped it was like a light coming on and the darkness just vanished, like being able to suddenly understand a previously foreign language.

Three months have passed since my last session. I had three day long sessions with simple homework and weekly e.mail updates, gauged to my progression.  I am continually using the simple techniques I have learnt.. It’s now becoming second nature and a way of life. So as an investment alone it was money well spent and if ever I felt I needed further support I know it’s only a click or call away. We think nothing of spending hundreds of pounds on Gym memberships, exercise equipment and strict diets to keep our bodies in good shape but nothing to achieve a healthy mind. Which is “crazy” in its self.

The world has not changed, nor anyone in it.  But I have. And I continue to see positive change everyday. Negativity is now a thing of the past. Strangely, a past which for years I thought was the cause of all my problems. Thank you Hannah."


"It was an immense pleasure to work with Hannah and it was the best decision I chose to make when facing my life challenges with very low self-esteem and a relationship break up. Hannah is a wonderful person. The way the sessions are lead with such a practical, relaxing and unassuming way just hits the spot when you want to find someone who you can work with. The techniques chosen and designed to make an impact work so well. I am now, after just 5 sessions, well equipped to face my worries and woes with a new found resounding strength bought by Hannah's fantastic expertise." 

I have benefited tremendously and feel so much happier in myself having worked with Hannah. I am able to put things back into perspective and move on when I come up against problems generally and in my relationship. I am so happy with how you have helped me and I feel I now have to strength to draw on to carry on with my chosen path in life searching for a new place to live and becoming more independent, for example, I can now put petrol in my car!!!! I have never done this before, now I do.
M. Johnson

“I came to see Hannah, having had a very bad previous experience during a C-section for the birth of my first baby, and when I was told I would need another C-section for the birth of my second baby I felt really panicked, out of control and tearful. Hannah worked with me over the space of two sessions and helped me to feel totally differently about the forthcoming op so that all I could seem to focus on were the positives! Not sure how she does it, but it worked really well, and meant I didn’t feel traumatised or tense before hand and afterwards could just settle into enjoying our new arrival.”

“Hannah helped me stop biting my nails and insides of my cheeks, which I have done ever since I can remember, and it is a habit I hate and it was starting to become painful too. She did one long block half day session with me and I left feeling like nothing much had changed, but I have since been in lots of situations where I would normally bite my cheeks or nails and haven’t had the urge to do it once. It is a relief and so nice not to have to deal with the discomfort – Thank you.”
Sam Geoffries

“Working with Hannah was great, I felt she really understood my issues and dealt with them with a very hands on and effective way. Definitely wasn't what I expected, as I thought there would be a lot more talking instead of actually thinking on my behalf - I was pleasantly surprised by her technique. I felt good after being signed off by Hannah, ready to deal with things on my own and comfortable. The session definitely helped me with my issues and how to deal with things on my own which I am very grateful for.”  
N. Mead

Working with Hannah was a real pleasure. I’d previously had counseling and CBT and found myself dreading those sessions and feeling quite drained afterwards whereas this was an altogether different experience and I felt positively uplifted each time.  It felt as though we worked together through the issues and that Hannah was very open minded and understanding.
For as long as I can remember I had been petrified of childbirth. Following some fairly serious and potentially complicated health issues I was delighted to become pregnant but, of course, with this came an overwhelming sense of anxiety and I found it difficult to enjoy my pregnancy as it progressed.  I now feel excited about the birth of my baby and far more relaxed about all the aspects of labour, and as I said before find it hard to remember specifically what it was that I felt so anxious about in the first instance. It’s a great place to be.   The sessions I had with Hannah felt as though they came to a natural end, as if there were nothing more to discuss. In fact I found/find that I have to think quite hard in order to remember what it was I originally went to see Hannah about (though my husband readily reminds me I had severe anxiety with regards to childbirth and labour). Even then it feels like a very vague memory.

J. Rowan

Since the hypnotherapy, I have not bitten my nails and am very happy so thankful for everything Hannah has done! I found the sessions with her very helpful and she was calm and put me at ease straight away. The NLP was a new area for me to explore which was interesting and it was good to be hypnotised again. It feels amazing that it has only taken two sessions to combat my habit and has made a huge impact to my well being. It really does feel great not to be a nail biter. And I have booked in my first manicure in years!
H. Giles