What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a long standing and highly effective method of helping individuals move from where they are now to where they would like to be.

NLP is primarily a two-way interaction to which the therapist brings objectivity, focus, discretion and an absolute commitment to helping clients achieve what they want to achieve. This is done via a variety of different programmes and processes which can involve, discussion, two way maps, hypnotherapy, cognitive correction and the therapist leading the patient or client to their desired state. It can be truly life changing.

Why should anyone choose to come to an NLP or Psychology session?

NLP suits individuals who feel that they need help getting back on track or those who are having difficulty finding clarity in decision making, patients who are struggling to cope with chronic illness, or to give up a harmful health behaviour or destructive habit.  Those clients or patients usually need support in changing the framework within which their life currently sits, and to find strategies to move forward mentally and physically, but also to continue their progress after therapy has finished under their own steam.

Using psychological techniques, NLP and Hypnotherapy can help you through emotional turmoil, mend, formulate and cement relationships as well as overcome fears, phobias and issues associated with health, depression, stress or chronic illness. NLP works under the theory that problems are literally formulated in the mind, and it is through the mind's perspective and consequent meddling (by way of perceiving things to be bad, stressful, dangerous or upsetting) that problematic thoughts, behaviours and feelings ensue.

Approximately two thirds of the clients who come to see me, have found little success from conventional counselling or CBT therapy for their particular issue(s). The endless, passive nature of counselling, with no definite end point, can bring about little change other than voicing things out in the open. Often the NLP combination of active, goal oriented techniques combined with hypnotherapy is what is needed to bring about positive outcome and resolution.

It is a positive and proactive way to: